24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT24)

August 10-17, 2005, Orlando, Floroda, USA

Uniaxial strain effect on Tv and electrical resistivity in Magnetite (Fe3O4)
Y. Nagasawa, R. Hara, T. Seino, M. Kosaka, N. Môri, S. Todo, Y. Uwatoko
Electrical and Magnetic properties of Ce2Ni5C3
Y. Kato, M. Kosaka, N. Môri
Thermal Expansion and Magnetostriction in YbInCu4 under High Pressure
Y. Saiga, T. Nakano, M. Hedo, Y. Uwatoko, M. Kosaka, N. Môri, T. Goto and K. Yoshimura

Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields - V

August 5-9, 2005, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Magnetic phase diagram of antiferroquadrupolar ordering compound YbAl3C3
M. Kosaka, Y. Kato, C. Araki, N. Môri, C. Martin, S. Tozer
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