The 3rd International Workshop on Novel Quantum Phenomena in Transition Metal Oxides

November 5-8, 2003, Sendai, Japan

Effects of Uniaxial Pressure on the Verwey Transition Temperature of Magnetite
R. Hara, M. Kosaka, N. Môri, and S. Todo

APS March Meeting

March 3-7, 2003, Austin, Texas, USA

Specific heat of Ca3Ru2O7 in magnetic fields
M. Kosaka, N. Môri, Y. Yoshida, S. Ikeda, N. Shirakawa, I. Nagai
The electrical and magnetic properties of Ca3Ru2O7 grown by a floating zone method
Y. Yoshida, I. Nagai, S. Ikeda, N. Shirakawa, E. Ohmichi, M. Kosaka
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